About One Way Gospel

Our Mission Statement

One Way Gospel (OWG) Ministry is dedicated to equipping the body of Christ with a steadfast heart for the work of service during our stay here on earth as we eagerly await the return of the King. We strive to activate people, showing how to share the Gospel and how to reach the lost through outreach, one-on-one discipleship, and training events. These discipleship trainings happen in the context of teaching the framework of the Gospel of the Kingdom and the elements of our faith found in Hebrews 6:1-2.

Who Is One Way Gospel?

OWG is ultimately a heart posture. A heart and desire to proclaim the Gospel of reconciliation back to God the Father which will only happen one way, through Jesus the Son of God. OWG is a team made up of individual disciples, led by Ever Calamaco and Ruben Ybarra who have a heart to serve the local and larger body through community life, content creation, discipleship training, and speaking engagements.

Short History

Ever founded One Way Gospel in 2015. It started as a shirt business and later became a YouTube channel where Ever published teaching videos on whatever he felt led to talk about (As of 2024, many of the older videos will be found on Ever’s personal YouTube channel).

In 2020, Ever joined the ministry, The Last Reformation. Through this ministry and the Luke 10 school, Ever was equipped together with his family on how to live with a mission heart for the harvest. Since then, Ever and his family have traveled throughout the nation in a school bus hosting discipleship schools and 2-day weekend training of activation, showing disciples how to live out the call of a Jesus.

Throughout the years, there was a message within Ever that only matured and grew. Through his experiences with searching for truth since 2007, working with different churches, joining TLR, and fellowshipping with other disciples, this message became clearer and more concise. It is this message, the gospel of the kingdom and the Hebrew 6 foundational elements that now are the focus of the One Way Gospel mission.

Ever and his family met the Ybarra family in 2020 and developed a closer relationship with Ruben and his family. Since then, they have worked together on multiple schools, training events and have produced teaching content together. in 2024, they decided to partner up in the initiative of proclaiming this gospel of the kingdom to the world through various resources; Online content, printed material, speaking engagements, and training events.

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