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Trials And Tribulations
I don’t think I know anyone who enjoys going through hard times. I am not even sure hard times are meant to be enjoyable. One thing that I am learning is that they are undoubtedly intended to come. From a spiritual standpoint, hard times are also known as tribulations and to any average believer, this…
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Heart Of God
What is the heart of God? Have you ever wondered why God made a way to forgive us of our sins when He hates sin so much? In order to understand why, we have to first understand the heart of God. God doesn't forgive you because somebody made up a rule that says He has…
If My People
A while back I decided I wanted to change everything about my bedroom so I completely redecorated it with a theme of Love but not just any love, God’s Love. The other morning, I woke up and my eyes were locked on a single word from one of the signs on my wall. The word…
You Have A New Name
Many times when we are trying to get something across or make a point we will use statistics. We love using statistics because it helps to put emphasis on what we are trying to say but what exactly is a statistic? A statistic is defined in Webster’s as a fact or piece of data from…

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