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What Is Eternal Judgment?
Eternal Judgment is an essential building block to our faith in Christ. It is so important that the writer of Hebrews included it into the fundamental teachings about the Christ (Hebrew 6:1-2). Eternal Judgment is the climax of our blessed hope. The King will come and put all His enemies under his feet. All unrighteousness…
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Discipleship 101
“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” This is the call the Lord made to men that ultimately left all their belongings and began to ‘follow Him.” Over the next three years, what these men gained would turn the world up-side-down. These men became disciples of Jesus Christ. However, Jesus didn’t say…
Baptism In The Book Of Acts
Here is a compiled list of all references concerning baptism found in the book of Acts. We learn that when the early church began to establish itself, the receiving of the Holy Spirit accompanied repentance and water baptism. We will be looking at all the instances in scripture of when water baptism took place.…
Lean Not To Your Own Understanding Feature Image
Lean Not To Your Own Understanding
The Church has come to a place where there is no longer a clear understanding of Gospel Fundamentals. All Sects or Denominations have adopted customs and traditions and have begun to teach them as doctrine. These Denominations have taken scriptures to fit an agenda and have spread their own truths to their flock. Church Members…
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God Shall Direct Your Path
There is a desire we all share. It is that God would direct your path in all that you do. There are many scriptures written by the wisest man ever lived that have the power to make us move, yet the potential to keep us still. One verse in particular found in the book of…

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