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Living Stones

Guest writers to help build the body with words of encouragement.

The Most Important Story In History | The Full Gospel of Jesus Christ
Adam Welch // Preparing A Place Missions Organization Youtube: @preparingaplace; You can learn more at The story of the person and work of Jesus Christ is the greatest story in the history of the world. Knowing Jesus and understanding how to properly respond to him is the key to life, both here and…
Faith Alone, or Faith and Works? // VICTORIA JONES
This post is an excerpt from "A Disciple's Journey" blog site. 🙏 Lord, continue to use our sister to spread the good news of King Jesus. Victoria Jones You can follow Victoria on Facebook @Victoriafayejones1991 Are we saved by faith alone or are we saved by faith and works (obedience/action)?  This is a topic…

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