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What Is The Gospel? – 3 Circle Method || Short Version // OneWayGospel
What is the Gospel? This easy method will explain the gospel story of Jesus, the King, and His coming kingdom. What Jesus came to do and what we must do to enter this coming kingdom. Visit for a Gospel Card bible study tool. More Videos from OWG: Foundations of the Faith: Life of a Disciple:
You Need Both Legs (Spirit And Truth) || Ever Calamaco // OneWayGospel
Ever Injured His Fascia I hope this video encourages you out there to seek balance in your walk with the Lord. Many times we neglect one side of the road for the other and this brings instability. We can not function properly with one side alone but we need both. Jesus spoke about this in John…
Ever Injured His Fascia! Please Pray! \ OneWayGospel
Last two Amarillo TX Updates: Bus Broke Down Bus Update Now, this! We were playing basketball and this random not so random thing happened. I believe my foot was overstretched and it injured my fascia. Which is weird as I don't believe I did anything unusual. This is very strange. It felt like I stepped on a rock…
Keep Up With Us: Find A Kickstart Near You: https://www/ This was an incredible weekend of discipleship and activation. Some were from out of the state and they were encountered by God. We have been holding a 3-week training school, called DTA and this Kickstart was part of the course for the local students. A time…

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