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Ever Injured His Fascia! Please Pray! \ OneWayGospel

Last two Amarillo TX Updates:

Bus Broke Down

Bus Update

Now, this! We were playing basketball and this random not so random thing happened. I believe my foot was overstretched and it injured my fascia. Which is weird as I don’t believe I did anything unusual. This is very strange. It felt like I stepped on a rock but there was nothing there. However, It does not feel good at all. I cannot walk on it, making it hard to do anything. What is happening right now?!

It seems like we are in a weird season right now and trying to listen to God in all of it. There is something to do as you can not make this up. Back-to-back situations all the way back to June 2022 when we were in Mexico. God is directing us and we encourage you all to press on! The end is not here yet so there is still time to work the harvest! If you have all your limbs in order, you can do something. Go out there and do it!


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