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FROM LGBTQ+ TO LIFE IN CHRIST | Skyler Stroud’s Story // OneWayGospel #LGBTQ

This is the story of a young man, wounded and confused, seeking love and attention. Skyler Stroud was bullied at a young age because of his personality. This brought him into a dark place in his heart. After being sexually abused, he turned to that what is unnatural for a man. A double life. He wore makeup, crossed-dressed, and dove into witchcraft and spirituality. All because deep inside, he longed for something else. He knew this wasn’t the meaning of life. He encountered Him who gives life; the life-giving spirit, Jesus Christ. He is a new creation and he wants you all to know that Jesus can set you free to be the REAL YOU! This is his story.

A Word From Skyler:
As someone who used to be what is considered today as “Non-binary”/”Queer”/”Gender fluid” (although I never called myself any of these things) I find it interesting that these people say that they are “being their true selves” all while putting on makeup, wigs, cutting their hair, wearing different clothes, etc to appear as someone else. It’s confusion. People who identify as “non-binary” really have identity issues and are trying to feel accepted in any way they can. I know for me putting on makeup and crossdressing stemmed from rejection by men and not feeling masculine enough and also sexual trauma. I wish Instead of affirming people to identify as something other than who they really are that we could help them feel comfortable in their own skin. In who there were created to be. This is a deeper issue. It’s spiritual. And I can tell you firsthand that no matter how much time and energy you put into creating your “true identity” you will always feel empty. The truth is there’s a void that we are all trying to fill one way or another. And that void can only be filled by Jesus. Our self identity/money/drugs/spirituality/etc. can’t save us. And when we die it won’t come with us. We must be born again. And the only way to do this is to repent, die with Christ, raise up a new creation filled with his spirit through baptism and live our lives for God. This is our true identity and the only thing that will be fulfilled. There is still time to choose him🙏

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