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God Gives Grace To The Humble | OneWayGospel #Humility #GraceOfGod

God gives grace to the humble.
God has a humble heart which is why He gives us grace.
Humble people give grace to all people.
Jesus said he has a humble heart. He humbled himself and died for many.
We are given grace to give grace.
We cannot give grace to others lest we have a humble heart
Without a humble heart, we will have no grace to give.
If you have no grace for others, you are not humble.
If you are not humble, you have a proud heart.
God resists the proud.
God abases the proud. He knows them afar off.
Pride goes before destruction, an arrogant spirit before a fall.
God will bring down the proud.
God will humble the proud.

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God Gives Grace To The Humble | OneWayGospel #Humility #GraceOfGod | OneWayGospel

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