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God’s Provision Is Certain – Seek The Kingdom | OneWayGospel #TheWayBus

There is never a dull moment in the kingdom of God. There have been moments where my family and I have asked how we would be able to work on the bus without a steady income. One thing has always been certain in our conversations and that is that we will not worry but rather trust the Lord. When you walk by faith, and seek the kingdom in the righteousness of God, it pleases God. He looks down and smiles at His children.

He has sent a token of his appreciation through blessings and financial provision for our family. We are able to start moving in the bus. Though we are still ways from completing the bus we will continue to walk, trusting and the one who has made the promise.

Thank you all for your prayers and your support. God has big plans in this nation and we pray that he continues to send out the laborers into the harvest.

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God’s Provision Is Certain – Seek The Kingdom | OneWayGospel #TheWayBus | OneWayGospel

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