“This Is Real” Podcast On Water Baptism

I recently had the privilege of being on the “This Is Real” podcast with Torben and the crew in California. It was an amazing time. Not only was it great being on the podcast, but we were also discussing one of my all-time favorite subjects, water baptism. Having four of us talk about this really brought the energy of the subject out to another level. There is so much truth in the scriptures concerning baptism that we must get it out. There is freedom in baptism when you really understand it. It is so frustrating to me that mainstream Christianity refuses to consider the word when it comes to water baptism. I believe it’s the traditions of our denominations that have prevented many from being free. But we are going to change that, by the grace of God.

Watch this short clip taken from the podcast and get a taste of the episode. Then, go to the youtube channel and watch the entire episode if you like. The reality of water baptism and the power that it holds will see you free.

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