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Watch this coffee talk where Torben Søndergaard, of The Last Reformation, and myself talk about the shift the Lord has been showing us and many others around the world. Now is the time to move! (See the video at the bottom of this post). My family and I have worked with TLR for the past 2+ years and we have seen great things with the different training schools, kickstarts, tent meetings, and more. A year ago, we expanded by moving to Tennessee to start a training school along with Seth Roach. In the span of six months, we held three full-time PTS schools and four kickstarts. We saw much fruit come from this initiative but we quickly felt the burden of that fruit. Lives were getting transformed with better teachings and understanding. We saw the hearts of disciples becoming more effective for the Lord but to what end? We want to see households transformed, communities come together on a mission, and house churches rise with power. This cannot happen if the spark isn’t brought to those environments.

What we found was that the students and visitors of the kickstarts came, found freedom, were transformed, and then went back home. Many continue to fight and run strong but most go home and do not find people of the same heart posture. Then one of two things happen.

  1. They go back to living a complacent life in the same routine as before or
  2. They move away from their environment to go be with like-minded disciples and travel or help in schools etc.

There is no problem with leaving, however, we want to see people’s networks reached and neighborhoods all running for the Lord. So this burden lead us to change the focus to local communities of disciples. This way, we come into the network and bring the training to them. Then when we leave, the group stays behind together and run the race with the same mind in one accord.

Here you can see a little bit of how a training looks:

We are excited to see how this next season will help build the body of Christ to be more effective for the Lord’s Kingdom. We want to see many house churches flourish in understanding and strength. Watch this video and feel free to reach out if you want to see how we can work together. If you are interested in knowing more about the mobile training schools, please contact us at

Be Blessed! – Ever

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