I want to cover this Chick Tract made by the Chick Publication. This publication is an organization that provide tracts to help spread the gospel in appealing and entertaining ways.

My dad was a minister and he would order stacks of these tracts and he and others would go out and give them out while evangelizing. This site is called “The One Way Gospel” therefore, we are here to spread the one way gospel, which is Jesus Christ. So I came across this tract on this website after so many years and thought of sharing it. This website allows you to read through the tract. So what I want to do is go through this tract called “One Way” with you and give you a glance of the gospel. The cool thing about this particular tract is that there are no words so I made a video here where I go through the tract adding some words using scripture.

We start with two people and a figure who represents God. These people we know as Adam and Eve and we see that they have a relationship with God. They walk together, talk together and all is peaceful in his presence.

God is giving them a specific rule not to touch this tree. Just as a parent instructs their kids to stay away from things that harm them, God also gives us instructions. This tree was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and God commanded them not to eat from it for if they ate from it they would surely die.

God leaves them alone and now they are in a state of trial. They are being tested. They stare at the tree in awe but they do not have any reservations on what God commanded them to do. They knew to trust him with everything he commanded them.

Eve gave in to the temptation to partake of the fruit. We read in scripture that a beast, called the serpent came to give her some worldly knowledge and convinced her that the knowledge of good and evil was good for the taking. Scripture says that she saw that the fruit was good to make one wise and she ate of it. We know that ultimately the decision was hers and maybe that is why the serpent wasn’t shown here. Not that this part is irrelevant but her decision is the one that matters right now. Eve decided to go with the pleasures of herself and her flesh. The lust of her eyes and flesh overtook her heart. This caused her to beguile her husband as well. I don’t imagine Eve told Adam that she ate the fruit and that nothing happened and he simply said “cool, let me try it too”. No, there was some seducing spirit used to convince Adam to take. The same seductive spirit that the serpent used on her, she used on her husband with the same fruit.

The tree brought sin upon both of their lives and they became filthy in the sight of God. Scriptures implies that we became carnal minded after this fall. When before we were guided by spirit now we are guided by thought and logic apart from God.

Adam and Eve could feel that they made a mistake as they knew they were naked. Their physical parts were exposed for the first time in their eyes. The fruit exposed their privacy and just as a kid who does wrong and hides what he did wrong so did this couple hide their shame.

God cannot dwell with filthiness as he is a Holy God. He could no longer walk with Adam as he did in the beginning. I know this saddened his heart but they made their own choice. There are consequences for your actions whether for good or bad.

God builds this wall to separate humans from his presence. It is sort of a timeout if you will. He doesn’t leave us but just puts boundaries. This a shameful time for Adam and Eve and this is the last thing I’m sure they wanted to happen.

In order to regain trust with God, they knew that they had to be cleansed from what they did. They tried to do their own works to be clean and this is a perfect representation of the world today. With all the religions rising that teach that all you have to do is be a good person and do good works, we easily lose sight of the true God. But it is built in the core of every person to try and get back to God so we strive with everything we have. But God has his own plan of how to be clean and that way is death. As he stated through his command that if you eat, you will surely die then we must die in order to fulfill his righteousness. To keep them from being killed instantly, God redeemed them temporarily by taking the life of an animal instead. But this sacrifice was not sufficient as the animal isn’t the thing that sinned. God required the death of a human. No man would give himself up for that task so we just died in our sin and Hell was our destination for disobedience.

Even though good works are what God wants from us as his servants, our works will not cleanse us from this sin. Sin is greater than just an act of kindness.

Because Adam and Eve sinned, sin was brough to all humanity. We all come into the world the way they sinned, through fleshly pleasures. Scripture says that we were conceived in sin so with sin nature we are shaped.

The world is now in darkness and it is because of the fall. You can see that there is no hope on this side of the wall without God. We are all walking to the same place and although we walk together, we walk at different paces and we are all individuals making our own choices.

But there is a way off of this road. It’s a small opening but big enough for a person to go in if they wanted. There is no lock, there is no door to open. Someone could just walk in. Everyone is moving forward and if we pass that opportunity, we will not have another one. The choice is now. The door says God’s love gift, all welcome. Everyone has the opportunity to walk inside the door. Notice that you cannot see the gift from the door. It’s not exposed. It is something you have to seek for yourself.

“Love Gift Ahead” “Free Gift Ahead” “God’s Love Gift Inside”. Plenty of opportunities are given. God has sent his messenger to preach the good news.

The three curious children are exactly what God wants from us. We should be curious as a child because you see, it’s when we think that we have it all figured out with our religions that the truth of God is far from our thoughts. If you come to Christ as a babe curious to know, you will find the truth.

So these kids come in and see the gospel. It is preached to them. The one way gospel. They see and experience the whole story of this one man that gave his life as payment that none of us could pay. So far, this experience is like the entrance to a movie theater with posters advertising the show. You are presented with the story but you haven’t experienced it yourself until you get to your seat.

At the end of the hall, they find themselves experiencing the love of Christ on the cross. They see the sacrifice that was made for the filthiness of their lives.

Not everyone will accept the gift given and that is sad but true. But those who do give thanks for the love and say “We can’t do anything without you Jesus”, those will be forgiven. He came to this world as a babe. Why a babe from a virgin? That’s a whole different topic but it was to show us that he came without sin and without the same filth that we have. That’s why he was the only one that could take away this sin.

When those who accept the sacrifice ask for the forgiveness of their filth, they will be cleansed by the blood of that sacrifice. We are new creatures in him. We are born again.

Now it’s time to share it to the world.

Some will reject and will rather go back into the darkness. Some will leave and say “No thank you. I can decide for myself. I can make my own choice and don’t need someone else to do the work for me”.

As he comes out, he says “That stinks”. How twisted the world has become to call good evil and evil good. He gets back into the line, the line to Hell.

Meanwhile, the children are Heaven bound and are going to the one way. They are going to see the man who did it all for them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

If you are reading this and haven’t received Christ as your sin sacrifice. I want to say that there is hope right now. If you do not accept him you have no hope and are doomed to the lake of fire without him. It’s not that you did something bad but it’s that you didn’t do what’s right. Your good works will not help you. Our good works are like dirty rags to God. We cannot produce redemption for ourselves. The price of sin is death. If the price is death how can doing good to others remove that price.

If you have decided to renounce your sinful lifestyle and turn to God for a new walk, I encourage to read “I’m a Christian now, what’s next?“.


One Way Chick Tract: https://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0081/0081_01.asp


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