What Is The Podcast?

The One Way Podcast is a Christian podcast that produces weekly episodes geared for new and established believers and followers of Christ. Every episode is centered around the Word of God and how it applies to every aspect of our daily life. Our hope and mission is to bring every listener words that will inspire you, words that will make you think, and words that you can live by.


OWP also produces mid-week videos called “Midweek Minute” that prepare the growing audience for the episodes that are coming up or simply to bring a word of encouragement half way through their week. Join Ever and Luke along with Billy Bob and Joe Losteen every week as they explore new topics and present them in a laid back, entertaining way.

You can find us on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple iTunes, Anchor, Google Podcast and many more. Pretty much any podcast app will have our content, even Youtube. So there isn’t an excuse for you not to listen. Believe us you will be bless, 100% guarantee or your money back! Oh that’s right, its free! Another reason why you should listen.

What We Talk About

Because our focus is to spread the Gospel through different media forms, we mirror all content found here on this site, except with a little more entertainment. We cover topics such as abortion, political issues, discipleship, church doctrine and much more. You can learn more about our statement of faith here.

We also love hearing from you. If there is anything you would like to hear about, you can always leave us a comment on one of our many platforms or shoot us an email. Our purpose is to spread the truth out to the world, so we strive on searching scripture for every topic. You are in good hands.

How To Connect With OWP