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PRAY!! Torben Søndergaard Locked Up! This Is A Wake Up Call! \ OneWayGospel

Our brother Torben, from The Last Reformation, is currently being detained for a false accusation against him. He was accused of smuggling weapons into America from Mexico and/or vice versa. This is further from the truth. The reality is that Torben is 100% focused on one thing; Seeing disciples rise up in authority against evil and seeing the captives set free. Working with him for 2+ years, I can firsthand say that Torben is a man of good standing with all men. If there are men after him, it is the religious spirited men. There is no greater threat against the word of God but that of the religious system. And the enemy will use it to attempt to shut up all those working the harvest.

Pray for the Søndergaard family during this time. I know they appreciate all the prayers lifted up.

Also, WAKE UP! This is the time of reflection on your life. Where are you right now? Are you sleeping or are you awake? Are you ready if this came to you? Thicken your skin with boldness! The Spirit of God has been poured out as a promise and He gives us the power to be witnesses (martyrs) for King Jesus! Get ready! It’s coming!!

Reach out to me if you want to send a prayer to the family @

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