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Proverbs 27 – Day 27 (NASB) // OneWayGospel #ReadProverbsTogether

Let’s Read Proverbs Together! #ReadProverbsTogether

This is a follow-along video series where we go through the book of Proverbs one chapter at a time. We want to encourage you to read one chapter together with your family every day. #ReadProverbsTogether

There is something special when we come together daily and read a chapter of Proverbs with our children, spouse, or a group of believers. We gain so much more when we all read the chapter, and take a moment to discuss the part that stood out to each person. Giving everyone an open floor to discuss a portion before moving on to the next person broadens the understanding of that chapter. We get to receive more than we would have if we read it alone. This practice is truly a powerful tool for the whole family and it will transform the way you think.

What is special about reading Proverbs is that the wisdom shared with us is more precious than any amount of gold or silver we own. A proverb a day builds you up in the way you should go. It is the way of the Lord. This wisdom brings forth the fear of the Lord into your heart. It creates a longing to live righteously before God and man.

We currently working on putting together a small practical outline of how we go through the Psalms and Proverbs as a family. We will be releasing that soon on the site.



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Proverbs 27 – Day 27 (NASB) // OneWayGospel #ReadProverbsTogether | OneWayGospel

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