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Welcome to the “Foundation Of Our Faith” series where we dive into the scriptures and learn was are the essential foundation elements needed in every believer’s life. You cannot enter the Kingdom of God without acknowledging the Lord as King. This requires a radical change in your life; a brain-washing. Your mind must be completely turned from the old to a new. The new way is His way.

Join us as we dive into what repentance is really about and what you must do to repent. This is part one of a two part teaching. Be blessed.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
01:28 Overview
03:00 Introduction To Hebrews 6
09:38 What Is Repentance?
16:25 Common Understanding Of Repentance
17:13 Old Covenant Repentance
19:56 New Covenant Repentance
24:56 What Repentance Looks Like

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