Statement of Faith

Nature of God

We believe in one God. YWHW, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Father of us all. This is the nature of God; He alone created the heavens and the earth. There is no other god beside Him nor like Him. He alone is worthy of all praise, the everlasting King. He is the Holy Spirit (John 4:24).


His Humanity

We believe that the man Jesus is the Son of the living God, and was born of a virgin woman named Mary. Born as a babe in a manger, he grew up in wisdom and in favor with man and God (Luke 2:52). Jesus came to manifest the Name and Power of His Father here on Earth.

His Divinity

We believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah prophesied to come in Genesis 3:15. He is the crushing one who will redeem the fallen man back to his original state. Jesus is the divine Son of Man spoken about in Daniel who was given a kingdom; A kingdom that will crush the other kingdoms of the Earth.

His Two-Fold Purpose

so Christ also, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time for salvation without reference to sin, to those who eagerly await Him.

Hebrews 9:28

Before the establishment and reign of Christ on earth from Jerusalem takes place, Jesus was sent to earth about 2000 years ago as our kinsman redeemer to free us from the slavery of sin. He submitted Himself to the Father and showed His obedience from the things which He suffered on a cross. He was the final sin sacrifice for mankind thus becoming the only mediator between man and God.

Jesus, our anointed King was raised from physical death, never to die again. He is the first fruit or firstborn of many brethren from the dead and now sits on the right hand of power forevermore and we eagerly await His return.

At His return, He will accomplish the ultimate goal and will of the Father; To punish the wicked and restore His creation to an Edenic state. This will be completed at a fixed day, known as The Day Of The Lord, where Jesus will give life to the dead and bring judgment to all for their works in this present age.

The Two Salvations

Now through the death, burial, and resurrection of the man Christ Jesus, the Son of God, we have grace with God and the opportunity to become sons of God through Jesus. We obtain remission of our sins through a repented heart and mind, immersion in water baptism at which time, God’s gift will be given to us, power from on high, the gift of His Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38, John 3:5).

We believe that salvation from sin is obtained through the finished work of Christ on the cross (John 19:30). It is through his shedding blood that our sins are remitted (Hebrew 9:22). When He died, the veil was torn in two, giving us access to the Holy of Holies. To have access to that shed blood, we must first find peace with God through turning from the wisdom of this world, then be baptized into Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38a, Romans 6:5). Once we have obeyed these commands given by the Holy Spirit, we are promised the gift of the Father to proclaim His coming Kingdom (Acts 2:38b, Acts 1:8).

Christ is coming a second time without the reference to that payment for sin, to save all those who eagerly await His arrival (Hebrews 9:28). We believe that if we continue in the faith, confessing the Lord Jesus and believe in our heart that God raised His Son from the dead in an incorruptible body, we will be saved from the wrath to come (Romans 10:9, 1 Corinthians 15:45-46).

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