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“THANK YOU FOR HELPING GET OUR LIVES BACK!” Baptism In A Motel Tub | Winslow, AZ // OneWayGospel

We met Chris and Michelle yesterday in a church service that we visited while in Winslow, Arizona. We noticed the preacher asked who, sitting in the congregation, wanted to get saved. This couple raised their hands for salvation. However, the preacher did nothing about it. He continued with the program. This triggered a reaction in me on how to approach the couple. I could approach them 1 on 1, stand up and proclaim freedom in Christ, or go outside the door and proclaim the kingdom of God and pray for anyone who would come.

I felt to go ask the preacher man instead if there was room for praying for the sick. He allowed prayer to take place and the lady who raised her hand was called over to be prayed for. Sarah and I prayed for the lady. She received freedom on the spot as we drove out unclean spirits. It was beautiful because the congregation was able to see it and many of them were in awe of what was happening.

Michelle suffered from chronic throat issues and chest pain and Chris had double personalities, attempted murder, and suicide. The struggle was killing them and they had no hope of living. Then God stepped in. He saw them and appointed us to them. And we love it! The entire family was involved in this somehow and this is what we want to see more of!

After praying in the church building, we had lunch with the couple, Elijah shared the gospel with them and they responded to the call of Jesus. They were ready to wash their old self away and start new in Christ. They had longed for this for too long and now it was here.

This was our first time at this place. We didn’t have it planned to go there. We drove by other church buildings and chose this one because of the slogan on the sign that said: “A place where God still transforms lives”. This drew us in. Michelle shared that she wanted to come to church for the past 5 weekends but could not because of her sickness. The lord ordained it all yesterday!

Come on! Go for it out there! There are many hungry and dying people out there and the Lord of the Harvest is needing more laborers. If you do not go to a church building anymore, then go. There are fish that need to get caught and cleaned. You are fishers of men. Go fish!

The harvest is great.

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“THANK YOU FOR HELPING GET OUR LIVES BACK!” Baptism In A Motel Tub | Winslow, AZ // OneWayGospel | OneWayGospel

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