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THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM – Lesson 02 || Foundation of our Faith // OneWayGospel

Welcome to the “Foundation Of Our Faith” series where we dive into the scriptures and learn was are the essential foundation elements needed in every believer’s life.

We are being built as a habitation for God’s dwelling and it is on His Son, Jesus that we are building upon. Understanding who Jesus is and knowing His story is essential to our strong foundation in Him. Learn who Jesus is and what his story is all about. What is the Gospel that the prophets, the apostles, and Christ Himself spoke about?

You can follow this lesson with a pdf outline, free for download:

If you missed the previous lesson, you can watch it here:

Video Chapters:
00:00 introduction
01:32 Who is Jesus?
04:40 The Hope of Isreal
09:08 The Promise of God
13:17 The Gospel of God
19:31 The Search For The “He”
21:15 The Prophets And Prophetic Utterances
23:51 The Appearance of Jesus
27:32 What Did Jesus Do On Earth?
29:31 Jesus Preached His Kingdom
31:23 Preparations For His Kingdom
32:46 Closing Words


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