Understanding The Kingdom Of God/Heaven – Adam Welch | 14 \ FTR

Foundation Lesson 06 Part2

This is a two-part lesson on Heaven. In this episode, we have a guest speaker, Adam Welch who will be sharing on the subject of Heaven. Together, we will explore some of the lies talked about Heaven because of the western, greek mindset we find in many Americans today. Adam will expound on the reality of the Kingdom of God and give biblical insight that our hope is in an eternal place that is more physical than our present world today. The amount of scripture that defines Heaven is somewhat overwhelming. Be encouraged by this episode.

Adam is pioneering an initiative called “Preparing A Place”. Preparing A Place is an official ministry/mission organization that started in 2010 and all of the work is long-term. They have worked with the same communities and with the same colleagues for years. To learn more about this ministry, you can visit their page at: https://www.preparingaplace.org

If you would like to give towards this, you can go that here:

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