Water Baptism Saves You From This Perverse Generation // OneWayGospel

“Where it says that through baptism, there is a circumcision not made by hands but a working of God. If you look at it, guys, we have to see that water baptism is to save you from the perverseness of this generation. Now, I don’t think that’s taught too much. I don’t think we see baptism as salvation from perverseness, from the filthiness of this world, of the flesh. Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection was the first act of restoration in the sense that he takes the body of sin off of you so that you can have the freedom to come directly to God. But the salvation of water baptism is not the salvation that people think about when they think about salvation. Typically, when we think about salvation, it’s seen as the salvation to get into heaven or the eternal life.”

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