Where Is Your Faith Anchored? – Fix Your Hope To The Arrival Of Jesus // OneWayGospel

What is faith? It can be defined as having full assurance, no shadow of doubt, of things in the future that are to take place and something of which you hope for. These things that we hope for come from God Himself. His promise to humanity. He promised a way of escape from what man has been cursed with, the body of sin and the removal of His adversary. However, many haven’t seen faith as fundamental as this. Many have seen faith as trusting God for our daily needs only. There is a view of God that looks like this: He is loving and I have said yes to Him, and now my trust in Him is that He will take care of me today. If this is our faith, we prove to ourselves that our faith will go as far as our needs are.

This video is a teaching given on the faith that God requires in order for him to be pleased to be called your God (Heb 11). There is a faith that is beyond this current age. It is a faith that goes passed this generation and when we find that hope, all of these daily tasks, do not seem soo big anymore!



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