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You Need Both Legs (Spirit And Truth) || Ever Calamaco // OneWayGospel

Ever Injured His Fascia

I hope this video encourages you out there to seek balance in your walk with the Lord. Many times we neglect one side of the road for the other and this brings instability. We can not function properly with one side alone but we need both. Jesus spoke about this in John 4 when He said that God is looking for true worshippers to worship in spirit and truth. Not spirit alone or truth alone but both are needed to be a true worshipper.

I have never experienced anything like this before but this has helped me see the importance of balance. I decided to make this video as this has been fresh in my mind like never before so I wanted to come on here and share it with you all. Thank you all for your prayers. My foot is seriously getting better super quick and I hear this is not normal with this type of injury!! Praise the King!!

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